On Wednesday, Bori Fati, the father of Ansu Fati expressed his frustration with how Barcelona is handling his son and mentioned his preference for the forward to switch clubs.

Nevertheless, it has been confirmed that the 20-year-old has strong intentions to remain and thrive at the Catalan giants. This is unsurprising given his history of being a product of the youth system and gaining positive reception from fans, thus becoming an instant favorite.

Bori Fati expressed his frustration on Spanish radio, saying “The way they are handling Ansu’s playing time is irritating me. It’s frustrating to see him only get one minute, two minutes, or three minutes on the field.”

“I won’t make any demands or insist that he deserves to start no matter what, as all the forwards on the team are terrific and at the top of their game. Nonetheless, we cannot ignore the exceptional talent and potential that Ansu Fati possesses,” he stated in an interview with Cadena Cope.

“Referring to Barça’s academy, we are discussing a Spain international who currently wears the number 10 for Barcelona; a player who started his journey as a young boy in La Masia,” explained the speaker.

In 2019, at the young age of 16, Ansu Fati made his debut for Barcelona and immediately left a lasting impression. Unfortunately, his promising start was cut short by a knee injury in 2020, forcing him to spend a significant amount of time on the sidelines.

In 2021, the player took over the coveted No. 10 shirt previously worn by Lionel Messi, who departed the club and signed onto Paris Saint-Germain, after becoming the team’s all-time top goalscorer and his contract with the club came to an end.

Ansu Fati, despite being fit, has had limited game time under Xavi Hernandez, having only started nine league games this season.

Jorge Mendes, the agent for Ansu Fati, recently had a meeting with Bori Fati to discuss the future of his son.

“Jorge and I had a conversation in which he revealed that Ansu’s first statement was that he has no intention of departing Barça and plans to continue playing for the club.”

“I, being his father, have a different perspective on this because I simply cannot comprehend what is happening here.”

“Bori Fati was asked if he would prefer for Ansu Fati to leave Barcelona if the situation didn’t change, to which he responded by saying, “Yes, that’s correct.”

“He has expressed that he will not be attending any more Barcelona games due to his growing frustrations with the current situation. He is considering returning to Seville, which has been his family’s fixed location in Spain since they left Guinea-Bissau.”

Although he expressed a desire for Ansu to leave, he made it clear that he was not receptive to the prospect of his son joining Real Madrid.

Bori Fati said, “I’m sorry but I cannot place Ansu where he doesn’t want to be as he wouldn’t be willing to accept it.”


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